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International Business Department

International Business Department, co-located with International College, focuses on the pulse of the times closely, integrating with the characteristics of modern business and internationalization of service industry. It is fully committed to cultivate compound and skilled foreign business talents, meeting the economic and social development of China, with strong modern consciousness and the spirits of innovation.

International Business Department has set up 3 majors: Business English, Business Japanese and Applied Korean. Besides, the two majors of Business English and Business Japanese cooperate with Shandong Shichuang software training college to set up Software outsourcing directions which are the result of  School-enterprise cooperation. And the major ofApplied  Korean is the National Key Discipline. International Business Department has more than 1400 students with 52 teaching staff. The department adheres to the "professional ability training" as the core, facing Foreign Trade, Cross-Border-Commerce, Foreign Service, Foreign Language Teaching, Software Outsourcing and other front-line Job Groups, to build compound talents training model ofinternational business of " business practice + foreign languagecommunication + professional literacy". It has advanced education and teaching concepts and got fruitful results. International Business Department has been upholding the "student oriented " cultivation ideas, and carried out the concept through the whole process of students’ teaching, management, studies and daily lives. Our department always encourage students to participate in various national, provincial, municipal and professional competitions, and we achieve Award success for many years.

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