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Weihai Vocational College Reported on CCTV News Broadcast Tonight

Weihai Vocational College was reported on CCTV News Broadcast. Let’s see what’s going on.

NEWS item

Since 2016, the College has been carrying out reform on disciplinary and coaching-oriented teaching, underscoring the fostering of studentshands-on ability, increasing the proportion of coaching curricula, allowing theoretical teaching to cater for coaching curricula. Meanwhile ,  the updated Productive Training 2.0 Version and Coaching Production3.0 Version have been launched successively, creating more real jobs on campus and enabling students to study while working. 


The key to Coaching-Oriented Teaching is the media of coaching. During the “Smashing the Wall Project” in the summer holiday of 2017, the walls between the theoretical teaching classrooms and the coaching classrooms were torn down and multi-functional coaching centers incorporating coaching, lecturing, exhibiting and contesting were established. All the teaching procedures are carried out in the real-life context, which means the teachers are working in the coaching classrooms and students are working in the workshops, thus, the students can feel the real work atmosphere of the future work even while they are on campus.


In the College, all the resources can be used for teaching and all the activities are for teaching. All the coaching classrooms with the capability of production and operation have been reconstructed into media for productive coaching and logistics services broken down and entrusted to corresponding schools (also called secondary colleges). The classes are task-based while teaching and learning, work and learning are incorporated throughout the whole process, which has enabled the students to learn knowledge and develop skills simultaneously in the real-life work environment.

In order to adapt to the new needs of regional development and industrial upgrading, the College, through working in close conjunction with seven industrial clusters worth above 100 billion yuan and three strategic emerging industrial clusters in Weihai, has upgraded the informationizing and intelligentizing of more than 50 disciplinaries, built cross-disciplinary teams and put great emphasis on the construction of ten specialty groups such as Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Smart Manufacturing, Information Technology, Inspection and Testing.

Connecting teaching and production, discipline and industry, employment and enterprises, and integrating talent into the economic and social development in an all-round waysuch is the direction and philosohpy the College has been taking and pursuing. In recent years, adhering to the position of “Focusing on Weihai Region and Serving the National Strategy, the College has supplied a large number of knowledge-based, innovative, application-oriented high-quality technical talents to the society.

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